Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
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 Question about some tricks listed on Worldbeyondwalls

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Amador 1
Amador 1

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PostSubject: Question about some tricks listed on Worldbeyondwalls   Sun 06 Oct 2013, 16:26

There are a few tricks with no information listed for them on the WBW site, and was wondering if anybody could help me figure out what they are?

Specifically the following:
Upper-side tech
Shift Keep
Massive Shift Line
Death Tech (Japan)
Alternate Death Tech (Japan)
Inverted Castlekeep Death Tech
Reverse Entrance Underground Garden

Videos would be awesome, but text explanations would be fine as well.
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Amador 3
Amador 3

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PostSubject: Re: Question about some tricks listed on Worldbeyondwalls   Sun 06 Oct 2013, 16:58

yeah that's my site. I had every intention to finish it up but life got in the way. ether myself or paulo have video's for every tech so we can help you out. let me see what i can type up here for you. Most of these are not used anymore since easier methods have been produced

Upper-side tech: this is basically a ceiling flicker and a corner jump turn around DHR in one to obtain some rooms, I think this may be obsoleted by mist up though. needed for the following rooms: 38,07 101,21

Shift Keep:: This was an alternative method to activate S4R. obsolete.

Massive Shift Line: also known as extended wall grab. basically used to jump a whole room and still get a batup or jump+DHR to get a room. Still used for some rooms in death wings lair and olrox if you are not using inf s4r

Death Tech (Japan): This was an early method to get shifts in the chapel. by dying in the doorway between 2 overlapping rooms and having the fairy rez you could create a 1 shift effect. This first one used a flying skeleton to kill you.

Alternate Death Tech (Japan): same as death tech but used the toadstool to kill you instead of monster.

Inverted Castlekeep Death Tech: by getting outside the castle keep and doing a death tech near the hidden staircase would produce a shiftline below the keep and allow for a shiftline push that allowed us to open a complete row below the keep

Reverse Entrance Underground Garden: This is a method to get into the 3 rooms at the reverse entrance. basically while on the ceiling you need to find the right spot to wingsmash from so that you don't get knocked out of the ceiling and instead land on the grate. This video basically showed you the spot to start your wingsmash or revert flicker with movement to the right.

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Question about some tricks listed on Worldbeyondwalls
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